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Commercial :: Envestnet :: “The Essential Advisor” Promo Film :: Chicago, IL

Earlier this year, Envestnet contacted us about creating a film to show at their annual Advisor Summit conference in Chicago that would also promote the new book they are releasing called: The Essential Advisor: Building Value in the Investor-Advisor Relationship written by Envestnet’s own Bill Crager and Jay Hummel, with a forward by Jean Chatzky.

From the beginning, the plan was to create a story-based film that would engage advisors and tell the story of how advisors help change the lives of investors they work with.  We all agreed that it would be great if we could base the video on a true story, so we asked Envestnet to compile a list of stories that they had heard over the years from advisors that we could potentially use as a basis for the film.  It didn’t take them long to come back with a long list of stories, but one of them in particular stood out to us.

The story used in this film is based on a true story and tells the story of how a financial advisor was able to help out an entire family by helping them plan for their daughter’s future.  It was a fantastic story and we knew right away it would be the perfect way to launch their “Essential Advisor” initiative.

Once we have everything locked in place with them, we spent weeks planning, casting, writing the script and preparing our shot list.  We made the decision to film local and have Charlotte be the setting for the film since they have a huge financial services presence.  Once everything was complete, we sent it over to Envestnet for review…. and they loved it.

The film was debuted on May 18th and their conference in Chicago in front of more than 2,000 attendees and then went out to the media to help promote their new “Essential Advisor” initiative.  It is something we are so proud of a story we are so glad we had the opportunity to tell.

Financial Advisor: Scott Alms
Mike Elder: Ron Bryant
Ellen Elder: Mia Bryant
Mackenzie Elder: Bailey Weidman
Jason Wilson: Jason Weidman

Commercial :: “Why Women Run: The Colorful Truth” :: Fellow Flowers :: Marquette, MI

Back in June of 2012, we met an amazing group of women who invited us to Chicago to start the promotional video project you see below. At the time, all we knew about them was that they started a company centered around running. Initially, it started out as a group of women who wanted to wear the same color of flowers in their hair to a race so that everyone would know they were running together, but it has now grown into something so much more. They are now a company centered around empowering women runners and honoring and celebrating their stories and their inspirations for running.

This promotional video encompasses 15 months of work, where we shot nearly 40 hours of footage across multiple cities and states. As we started this project back in June 2012, our initial goal was just to capture footage of the race and the weekend of the women in Chicago. We then followed them to Michigan, which is where we initially started to hear these stories of women and what inspired them to run. Our goal at that time was to simply capture footage that told their story visually. We met several women on that trip and heard their stories of why they run and what inspires them to keep running and as we kept hearing story after story, we began to get inspired by what they were telling us.

After we got home from that first trip, we sat down and looked at the footage and used some of it to put together some promotional videos for Fellow Flowers. As the months passed by, we began talking with Mel and Tori at Fellow Flowers and realized that while we had this footage of these women, we were missing the heart of their story. We talked with them for a few months and finally the decision was made to bring us back to Michigan to finish the job and with that, we headed back to Marquette, Michigan. It was April of 2013 and Marquette was COVERED in snow. That weekend, they had a race which allowed us to capture even more footage of some of the women featured in this video. Then, on our last day there, we invited all of the women in and sat them down individually and just pressed record on the camera and talked to them…. for HOURS. We asked them what inspired them to run and dove deep into their inspiration for running and wanted to know why Fellow Flowers was so important for them. What followed was something that completely transformed us. When we met Mel and Tori (the women heading up Fellow Flowers,) our entire perception of running was that people did it to stay healthy. As we heard these women pour out their stories, we realized that so much more than that. It was a part of them, it was a part of their story. It was a way for them to express their emotions and honor significant moments in their lives. That’s what Fellow Flowers is all about and that is what we set out to show with this promotional video.

This is a very special project for us. It is the true epitome of why Artifice Films exists. We believe film is the greatest form of storytelling and to date, this has been one of our greatest examples of storytelling through film. We love the fact that we were able to create a promotional video for a company and do the entire thing by telling the powerful stories that drive that company. No flashy graphics, no endless talking heads… Just powerful stories from women who have been transformed by this company and the work they do.
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Client: Fellow Flowers – Marquette, MI
Commercial Videography: Artifice Films – Greenville, SC