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Commercial :: Upward Stars Promo Film 2015 :: “Reflections” Starring Derrick Moore :: Spartanburg, SC

After the success of the last promo video we created with Upward Sports, they contacted us again to work on a brand new video for the 2015 season.  This year, we decided to take a different approach.  They contacted Derrick Moore, former NFL player and current Chaplain for Georgia Tech, and asked him if he would like to be involved and he immediately said “Yes!”

Our goal for this video was to show that there is more to life than sports.  Upward prides itself on creating the “total” athlete.  While they focus heavily on game day performances, they also focus on creating well-rounded athletes who succeed in life outside of sports just as much as they succeed on the court.  For this video, we wanted to show how all of the work and all of the practice these players put in off the court is just as important as the work they do on the court.  In the video, we featured Derrick Moore as a former athlete reflecting on his life in sports, realizing that after all of the trophies and all of the accolades, there really is more to life than just sports.

In the end, we decided to show the athletes featured in the film as they have aged and have become successful people off the court in various ways.

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Client: Upward Sports – Spartanburg, SC