Real Estate Film :: “Ad-ing it All Up” :: 8447 Woburn Ct, Windermere, FL 34786 :: Andrey Bustamante

Real Estate expert, Andrey Bustamante, is a good friend of Andrew Duncan and when he heard about all the success Andrew and the Duncan Duo team were having in Tampa, FL with our videos, he decided to give us a call and try it out for himself.  We have had such great success in other markets using kids in our videos to sell homes that we immediately thought of our friends, the Ganey Family. Casting a real brother and sister for the part was a no-brainer, especially when they are as talented as these two are.  In the end, we created a great video with them and needless to say, Andrey and his team weren’t disappointed with the results.

When we come up with concepts for our real estate lifestyle films, we always try to think of creative ways of telling potential buyers about the home without simply spouting off information to them.  There is no greater instance of that than this film.  We took two awesome kids and their mom and created a script where they were able to tell potential buyers all about the house without the buyer feeling like they were being fed information.  We made a fun, enjoyable film that allowed buyers to learn all about the home in a unique and enjoyable way.

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Client: Andrey Bustamante – Orlando, FL
Talent: Makabe Ganey – Los Angeles, CA
Talent: Makenzie Ganey – Los Angeles, CA
Real Estate Cinematography: Artifice Films – Greenville, SC

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