Real Estate Lifestyle Film – 3135 S. Highway A1A #401 – Melbourne Beach, FL 32951- “Weekend Getaway” :: Andrey Bustamante

With each real estate video we film, we always look for a fun, unique way to tell a story using the property. This was our first video for Andrey Bustamante, a very popular real estate agent in Orlando FL. When we spoke to him about the property, we knew it was a high end condo, which was a first for us. Andrey told us that he was marketing this condo to people in the Orlando area as a property for them to purchase as a “weekend getaway.”

Our concept for this property was simple, but perfect. Our goal was to show a couple in normal, everyday life on a Monday morning, daydreaming of the fun they had over the weekend. To pull this off, we brought in our veteran real estate actors, Liz Day and John Hardy. They pulled everything off perfectly. They completely ‘sold’ the high-end aspects of this condo and as always made the production even better.

A lot of times, real estate agents ask us what the benefits are of having a real estate film with actors in them. Why not just shoot a normal real estate film that shows the house and property? We feel like this video is the perfect example of why our approach works so well for agents. Not only does this film show the property and the surrounding city, but it also shows the lifestyle that owning a place like this can provide.

A huge thanks to Andrey Bustamante for inviting us down to Melbourne Beach to film our first ever high end beach front condo. It was a great experience getting to work with him for the first time and we are looking forward to doing more work with him in the future.

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Real Estate Agent: Andrey Bustamante – Orlando, FL
Talent: Liz Day and John Hardy. – Orlando, FL