Wedding Film :: Kent + Natalie :: “Laying the Foundation” :: Moore SC

2013 was a banner year for all of us here at Artifice Films. We got to tell some amazing stories, meet awesome people and visit some pretty incredible places. But, I think it is safe to say that one of us had a more eventful year than others. Kent has been here since the beginning and this past November, he decided that after years of filming weddings, it was finally time to have one of his own.

In Kent’s “other” life, he sells dental supplies and that is how he and Natalie met. She worked for a dentist and one day when Kent went to call on that dentist, Natalie began talking to Kent about a dental supply called a “245 carbine bur” that they were having issues with. Kent took care of the issue and they never thought much more about it. Then, 8 months later when Kent was making a routine trip to Home Depot, he happened to see Natalie and her son there. They talked and the rest is history. The cool thing about this is that for a wedding gift for Natalie during their first look, Kent gave her a #245 carbide bur” that he had placed on a necklace and gave it to her since that is where their story began.

Kent and Natalie decided to have their ceremony on land that Kent’s family owns. They knew it would be beautiful in November and they were right. Month and months of planning and preparation went into making the farm land suitable for a wedding venue. Every last detail was planned and Kent being the “do-it-yourselfer” was making last minute site preparations right up until the day of the wedding. The result was a stunning wedding held on the land where Kent and Natalie hope to build a house one day. Everything about the day was perfect. Even though the rain started to creep in, it held off pretty much the entire day and they were able to have the ceremony they had dreamed about.

A great thing about being in the wedding business is that you get the opportunity to “borrow” ideas from weddings you work and you also get to meet a lot of vendors. Kent and Natalie took a lot of ideas from weddings we have shot over the last 4 years and put them into his wedding. If you’re a former bride, there is a chance you may see an idea from your wedding here. Not only that, but when it came time to select a photographer, Kent was able to dig all the way back to a wedding we shot in 2011 and find the photographer that we worked with in Delaware on that wedding. It was nice having a reunion with our friend Hooman from Vesic Photography who always makes sure a wedding day is full of fun.

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Bride: Natalie McCall
Groom: Kent Chastain
Ceremony Location: Poplar Springs Angus Farm – Moore, SC
Reception Location: Poplar Springs Angus Farm – Moore, SC


  1. Hooman


    Brad & Kent, the best in the business. And Kent & Natalie, the best in love. A true honor to be part of their wedding, and to work side by side with Brad and Kent, even with Kent on the other side of the lens this time. Fantastic video, fantastic wedding. Cheers!

  2. Elaine Lail


    Of all the videos I have watched on y’all’s website, this is the most touching! And of coarse it should be my favorite because that is my beautiful daughter, grandson and new Son-in-law. The First Look was so amazing. I felt like I got to be there. Our family is blessed and we give all the glory to God. Kent Chastain, as I often tell people, “we win”. God answered the prayers I have prayed for many years.

  3. mamie


    I loved it just so sweet and pure.

  4. Amy Woodring


    WOW~Artifice Films wedding videos always leave me speechless. But seeing a familiar face in the video makes it more touching. Kent and Natalie this is treasure of a lifetime and may you share in the blissful years ahead and be as happy as you were this very day.

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