Wedding Film :: Jodi + Wes :: “The Piece to Each Other’s Puzzle” :: Huguenot Loft :: Greenville, SC

Jodi and Wes have such an amazing story.  When they contacted us to film their wedding, they asked us to be there during their rehearsal dinner to capture the speeches.  They knew that their friends and family would be delivering some amazing toasts and wanted us to be there to capture everything.  Needless to say, they didn’t disappoint.

After hearing the speeches at their rehearsal dinner, we could tell that both of them had played huge roles in so many lives and it was so awesome to see so many of those people come together to celebrate their marriage. I think Jodi’s dad said it best when he was marrying Wes and Jodi when he said “It was a family affair,” because it truly felt that way. Whether it was their actual family or friends that they have known so long they felt like family, so many of them joined together in Greenville to pay tribute to their love and it was an amazing thing to be invited to capture.

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Bride: Jodi Black
Groom: Wes Bradshaw
Photographer – Jana CandlerView Pictures – Greenville, SC
Ceremony Location: Huguenot Loft – Greenville, SC
Reception Location: Huguenot Loft – Greenville, SC


  1. Sandy Feaster


    Was a great evening to be with these two !

  2. katie page


    Thank you for sharing your special day. I’ve always loved you and your family Jodi. The school days that you and Nichole shared were so long ago. We’ll never forget our Gethsemane days and how much joy that church family meant to us. Those days brought roots that are still in our lives today and always will be. I still have many pics of your adventures growing up and doing things together. You’re a delight. We couldn’t be there for the wedding but really love witnessing your day and all that entails. What a fun day it was, I can see. Thank you for sharing it with us. I love you. Nichole’s mom – Katie