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Wedding Film :: JT + Angela :: “#bestweddingever” :: Chicago IL

As you would imagine, there is indeed a story to go along with the title of this wedding highlights film. As you will see, Angela and J.T. had quite the wedding party. It was literally one of the craziest groups of people we have ever been around and they kept the laughs coming all day long. One of the running jokes throughout the day was the deliberate overuse of hashtags in general conversation.  So, in keeping with that tradition, we decided to give the wedding highlights film a name that followed that trend.

We love having the opportunity to travel and Chicago is one of our favorite cities to visit. Every time we are there we have a great time and J.T. and Angela’s wedding was no exception. Their day was one of the most entertaining we have been a part of in a very long time. One of the best things about their wedding was that since Chicago was such an important part of their lives, they really wanted to showcase the city in their pictures and film. They had an early ceremony in the city and following that, they got on board a bus with their wedding party and we spent the next 3 hours going to various locations throughout Chicago capturing J.T and Angela at some of their favorite landmarks. It was truly an adventure we will never forget. When you couple all of that with their beautiful ceremony, the insane party they had at their reception and their unforgettable wedding party, you have a very memorable event and we are so excited to share the highlights with everyone.

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Bride: Angela Lorusso
Groom: Josh Thomas
Ceremony Location: St. Josaphat Parish – Chicago, IL
Reception Location: Venuti’s – Chicago, IL
Photographer: Peter Coombs Photography – Chicago, IL
Hair: Marlee Maddock – Chicago, IL
Reception Entertainment: Diamond Event Group – Chicago, IL

Wedding Film :: Cassie + Dave :: “1 Day, 1 Minute, 1 Second at a Time” :: Chicago, IL

A few months ago, I was talking with a friend of mine from film school and he heard I had left my job on One Tree Hill to move back to South Carolina and shoot wedding films. For those of you who have read the bio on our main site, you know the story behind that move. Since the start of Artifice Films, we have strived to take elements used in the film and television world and apply them to weddings in order to make a more personal, emotional, and professional product. Well, as I was talking to that friend of mine, he said something that made me think about the industry we are in. He asked me why I was shooting wedding videos, and then said “Aren’t you too big for that kind of work now?” Of course, he was joking about me being “big time,” but the meaning of his comment made me think. To so many people outside this profession, they look at it is a downgrade to shoot wedding films. It made me realize why I started this company in the first place: Because for so long, this part of the wedding industry has been ignored and thus the quality of work has suffered. That apparently started a chain reaction, because as I looked around, so many brides were opting not to include wedding videography in their budget and thus missing an important opportunity to capture such an important event. So my main goal for starting this company was so that in a small way, I can join the new breed of creative filmmakers that are starting to re-invent this industry and make videography relevant again. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than shooting wedding films. Each new wedding we shoot is a new couple we get to meet; It is a new film we get to plan and a new story we get to tell. There is nothing more rewarding to us than to be able to create something that will be so meaningful to a couple YEARS down the road…. Long after the popularity of One Tree Hill or the latest film or TV show fades away. While we are just a small part of this growing community, we like to feel like we are making a difference with our work. We like to feel like we are changing people’s perception of wedding videos in general and we hope we are creating something new and innovative with each wedding. This is why we have decided to release some of our full wedding videos. We want to give people a complete view of the work that we do for our weddings. Since Cassie and Dave were our first wedding for 2011, we decided to start with them.

Since we have already done a full blog post dedicated to their wedding here, we won’t go into much detail about their big day. However, Cassie and Dave have a great story on how they met and since that is our favorite part of meeting a new couple, we always like to share those, especially when we incorporate it into the video. Cassie and Dave first met when Cassie was the Maid of Honor at a friend’s wedding and Dave was the Best Man in the same wedding. From there they started dating and a little while later, they were married. Their wedding also presented us with a very unique challenge. Instead of having the typical reception the night of the wedding, Cassie and Dave decided to wait a month to have a reception back in their hometown of Marquette MI so that all of their friends could attend. So, that night, Cassie and Dave decided to have a sit-down dinner at the restaurant where they were married and enjoy a very intimate time with their friends and family who attended the wedding in Chicago. This allowed us to capture the speeches some of their family members gave that night and we decided to build their full wedding film around those speeches. In our opinion, those speeches gave a very intimate look into Cassie and Dave’s relationship and we couldn’t be more pleased with how they fit within the story. We are proud to share Cassie and Dave’s wedding video with you and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

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Ceremony Venue: Osteria Via Stato – Chicago, IL
Reception Venue: Osteria Via Stato – Chicago, IL
Photographer: Jen Badalamenti – View Pictures
Hotel: Dana Hotel – Chicago, IL