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Same Day Edit :: Josh + Caroline :: “You Opened My Eyes” :: Charlotte, NC

Caroline and Josh were married in Charlotte NC.  They wanted to make their wedding ceremony a very personal experience, so they decided to have it at their family home.  The day couldn’t have been more special, surrounded by their friends and family.  We were so fortunate to be a part of their rehearsal dinner the night before the ceremony.  It allowed us a chance to capture all of the amazing speeches given by their friends and family and use those speeches in their same day edit.

We were so excited to be a part of their day and also provide them with a Same Day Edit that was shown on the front lawn just before their exit at the reception. Everything shown in the video was filmed during their wedding weekend and edited the day of their wedding to be shown at their reception. Just after the film finished playing on the front lawn, fireworks erupted in the sky as Caroline and Josh made their way to their car. What an amazing way to finish off their amazing weekend.

A huge thanks goes out to our friend Lee Morton from Clickspark Films in Baltimore for helping us pull off the Same Day Edit.
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Bride: Caroline Harrison
Groom: Josh Trammell
Wedding Designers: Walton Events – Charlotte NC

Same Day Edit :: Carter + Ellison :: “No Time at All” :: Sea Island GA

In 2010, when I started this company after leaving the TV Show, “One Tree Hill,” there was one thing that completely eluded me. Back then, we heard rumblings of wedding cinematographers doing these things called “Same Day Edits” where they would shoot your wedding day and have the video ready to view by the end of the reception. At the time, I couldn’t fathom being able to pull something like that off, but I knew at the time it was something I wanted us to strive for and work towards and that day finally came with this wedding.

For starters, we did have a little bit of a head start on the Same Day Edit since they brought us in to town to cover the Rehearsal Dinner. Since they weren’t planning on having any speeches at the Reception, we made the decision to pull Ellison’s speech from the rehearsal dinner because he nailed it and it gave us the perfect bookend to the film. Everything past that moment was shot the day of the wedding. When we first talked with the event planner for this wedding, Walton Events, we knew this wedding was going to be unlike anything we had done before. They literally pulled out all the stops on this wedding and it was incredible to say the least. After talking with them a few times, they told us Carter’s parents were interested in doing a Same Day Edit as a surprise for Carter and Ellison. The plan was to have everything ready by 10:30 that night and show the video out on the beach just before their fireworks finale. Knowing this was a surprise to Carter and Ellison just pumped us up even more. This video also featured the debut of our drone camera for aerial footage. We worked weeks in advance to set everything up and have it ready for this wedding and we were able to incorporate some of our drone footage into the Same Day Edit as well which we feel added an even bigger “Wow” factor.

When we entered the planning phase for this wedding, we decided to call in our friend Lee Morton from Clickspark in Baltimore. We met Lee a year ago when we went to film in Baltimore for Steve and Meg. He was a friend of theirs and we had a great time talking to him and getting to know him. When we left Baltimore, Lee was just beginning his wedding cinematography business and now he has grown it into one of the best, so we figured what better time for a reunion than this wedding. Kent and Lee handled the shooting that day while I set up an editing station at the reception venue and we began a constant unloading of footage from cameras to computer. One of the biggest decisions we had to make was where to cut off the shooting for the Same Day Edit. Originally our plan was to end all filming for the edit just after the First Dances. However, after talking with Carter and Walton Events, we decided to include some dancing in the edit as well. Carter had told us that the one thing she was most excited about for her wedding was seeing all of her friends together in one place. Her guests were literally there from all over the United States, so we talked with Kelly and Kristen with Walton Events and they too agreed that it would be awesome to have some footage of the guests dancing at the reception in the video. And that is just what we did. Just before our cutoff time, we were able to load footage of them dancing into the edit and it was the perfect way to end the video. Hands down one of our most memorable experiences.

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Bride: Carter Harrison
Groom: Ellison Glenn
Event Designers & Planners: Walton Events – Charlotte, NC
Photographer: Jarrad Lister Photography – Greenville, SC
Rehearsal Dinner Location: Frederica Boat House – Sea Island, GA
Welcome Party Location: Bennie’s Red Barn – Sea Island, GA
Ceremony Location: Wesley United Methodist Church at Frederica – St Simons Island, GA
Reception Location: Sea Island Beach Club – Sea Island, GA
Event Lighting: Get Lit – Charlotte, NC