Same Day Edit with Bride and Groom Reaction :: Carter + Ellison :: Sea Island, GA

Back in January, we had the opportunity to create our very first Same Day Edit for Carter and Ellison’s wedding in Sea Island, Georgia.  Since then, we have had a lot of interest in Same Day Edits, especially from people wondering what the benefits of having a Same Day Edit might be. The special thing with Carter and Ellison’s Same Day Edit was that it was a total surprise for them. Their parents decided to have us do the Same Day Edit without them knowing. The plan was to have everyone gather on the lawn near the beach at the end of their reception to watch the Same Day Edit just before an amazing fireworks show.

As the time neared, we set up everything on the lawn and had it ready to play. As soon as we pressed play, I stood to the side and just watched the crowd’s reaction while the video played. The amazing thing for me was watching Carter and Ellison’s reaction as they realized what was going on. We purposefully structured their video to start off with the rehearsal dinner the night before and then flow into the wedding day just so they would be shocked to see just how far we were able to show into their wedding day. Every time a new segment would play, there were gasps from the crowd… The aerial footage of the wedding day played, the crowd gasped… the vows played, the crowd gasped… The ceremony footage played, the crowd gasped… The reception footage played, the crowd gasped. It was an amazing experience to be there to witness not only Carter and Ellison’s reaction, but also the reaction of their friends and family.

Most importantly, I watched as Carter and Ellison enjoyed reliving their day in that moment. I watched as all of the emotion of the day came back to Carter and Ellison and it was honestly a moment I will never forget.

Below is a video we created to show people just why Same Day Edits are worth the investment. We shot Carter and Ellison’s reaction to the video as the video played that night and put it side by side with their Same Day Edit so you can see what they saw. You can see the emotions from the day coming back to them. It was truly an awesome moment and I am so glad we had the chance to share this time with them.

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Bride: Carter Harrison
Groom: Ellison Glenn
Event Designers & Planners: Walton Events – Charlotte, NC
Photographer: Jarrad Lister Photography – Greenville, SC
Rehearsal Dinner Location: Frederica Boat House – Sea Island, GA
Welcome Party Location: Bennie’s Red Barn – Sea Island, GA
Ceremony Location: Wesley United Methodist Church at Frederica – St Simons Island, GA
Reception Location: Sea Island Beach Club – Sea Island, GA
Event Lighting: Get Lit – Charlotte, NC

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